Every day, we support our clients’ position

Our goal is simple. To support our clients and make their position understood by the relevant third-party groups, to maximize their exposure and we collaborate to create dynamic strategies that adapt to challenges and shape the outcome for our clients, deploying whatever capability, tactic and team is best for the challenge. Our proven results are reflected annually in Public Laws, committee reports, agency budgets and regulatory activities.

Campaign Management

IEG provide a variety of services, including political consultation, marketing, fundraising and public relations. We help our clients hire, train, and coordinate the activities of staff members and volunteers in all aspects of a campaign. Campaign work is certainly not for everyone.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Cyber threats and cybersecurity are relevant problems and vulnerabilities of today’s world. IEG strives to raise awareness and provide the appropriate answers to these issues. We provide information, analysis, and research about the most advanced cybersecurity solutions and technologies. All over the world, there is a great shortage and…

Reputation Management

As Warren Buffet famously contended “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” In the internet age we face challenges like fake news, a struggling publishing industry, and constantly changing mediums of communication. Reputation is your one constant; the thing you can rely on to meet these challenges. A Public …

Crisis Communication

When an emergency occurs, the need to communicate is immediate. If operations are disrupted, clients will want to know how they will be impacted. Regulators may need to be notified and local government officials will want to know what is going on in their community. Employees and their families will be concerned and want information.

European Public Policy Advocacy

To succeed in Brussels complex political environment, a Public Policy Advocate must have not only an in-depth knowledge of the EU decision-making process, but an understanding of the rules and procedures. Our preeminent European Public Policy Team develops effective strategies to make sure you are heard at the right time, by the right people.

Government Affairs

The business value at stake from government and regulatory intervention is huge: about 30 percent of earnings for companies in most industries, we estimate, and higher still in the banking sector, where the figure tops 50 percent. Translating those percentages into euros, dollars, or yen can yield eye-popping results: one European utility found ….

Strategic Analysis

Strategic analysis is the process of gathering data that helps our clients decide on priorities and goals, shaping (or shifting) a long-term strategy for their interests. It gives a client the ability to understand its environment and formulate a strategic plan accordingly. Strategic analysis is paramount in any organization because it provides …

Media Relations

IEG specializes in providing government affairs media services to a wide array of clients, including businesses, nonprofit organizations, trade and professional associations, and labor unions. Unlike many lobbying firms who believe that their expertise is best practiced behind closed doors, IEG embraces public inquiry and engagement.

Legislative Advocacy

In its simplest terms, legislative advocacy is working with individual lawmakers and lawmaking bodies to gain support for your cause or initiative, for the needs of a specific population, for an organization or group of organizations, or for specific services. Also, legislative advocacy is the most direct way for public affairs teams to cause …